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"I was referred to a PT for knee pain and Jessica figured out what was wrong within 10 minutes. She helped show me specific muscles I needed to strengthen before and after surgery and am now stronger than I was pre-surgery. Great PT! They also have a fun atmosphere in the office. "
Jan 08, 2021
"Everyone at the clinic is kind, courteous, and attentive. From when I walk in the door to check in, the appointment, and when I leave, I feel like they care about me, and helping me rehab. I work with Jessica primarily, but have worked with most of the other staff members at some point. All of them do a wonderful job, and I would recommend any of them to my friends/family if they ever needed PT"
Dec 09, 2020
"My first appt. Today gives me hope. "
Mar 09, 2020
"Couldn’t ask for better therapists, and friendly staff. They were very caring and knowledgeable, plus the atmosphere was great!"
Aug 27, 2019
"You always leave feeling better!!!"
May 28, 2019
"I never had much success with Physical Therapy. The present staff at Evergreen in Midland changed all that. Jason and Rebecca found just the right pace to bring me along to feeling much better. Thanks so much for all your help and motivating me."
Apr 17, 2019
" Evergreen Pt in Midland has the most caring, knowledgeable staff that anyone could ever ask for! After an extensive shoulder surgery, the one on one stretching and the exercises demonstrated and assigned to me were just what I needed to make a full recovery. The professional attention given to each and every patient is very apparent and impressive. The atmosphere is fantastic with a huge workout area and variety of equipment and tools for a total recovery. Thank you so much Evergreen PT in Midland! "
Apr 17, 2019
"Nicest staff I have ever had in physical therapy.. Definitely my number one choice and I will go back to them. "
Apr 17, 2019
"First time getting Physical Therapy I've been at Evergreen physical therapy for just under two months and my problem has improved a great deal,thanks to Zachary Kucharek. Evergreen has been very flexible making me appointments with my work schedule I do recommend getting physical therapy at Evergreen. "
Apr 11, 2019

Don't just take our word for it... read what some of our patients have said.

"Amazing service and care as always!"

- M.W., Big Rapids Clinic

"I appreciate all the care and kindness from all of the therapists on staff."

- J.T., Big Rapids Clinic

"Nice and friendly staff who listen to your needs and are a tremendous help.!"

- D.N., Big Rapids Clinic

"Such a friendly and welcoming place! Nothing like walking in and being greeted by ever single physical therapist! Like "Cheers". Office staff was exceptional also!"

- C.W., Big Rapids Clinic

"I have been with Evergreen several times. Each time I have been treated with the utmost courtesy and value. They are always concerned with all aspects of my well being. Whenever I need physical therapy, I will always use this facility."

- M.S., Big Rapids Clinic

"I was very pleased with all the help I received with my problem. Jeff was great and all the PTs were very good. The front desk was always kind when I had to change an appointment. I have shared this with a couple of people that might need PT. Thank you!"

- K.J., Big Rapids Clinic

"I felt the experience here was exceptional! The therapists explained things very well and pushed me to do the most I could do without overdoing it. Jeff provided me with tools and information for a successful at home therapy. I loved the way the therapists worked together and were so warm and positive. I have already referred 2 people here."

- B.S., Big Rapids Clinic

"So good! She took time with me and counted my steps and stands. Always happy and smiling to all of us."

- M.D., Big Rapids Clinic

"Everyone was extremely helpful and willing to go out of their way to help."

- M.K., Big Rapids Clinic

"I really like Holly and Lisa! They were very nice and helpful. 🙂 Jessica, I will always come back if need therapy."

- T.E., Big Rapids Clinic

"I love all of the AMAZING care I received! Best PT in town!

- K.K., Big Rapids Clinic

"I love coming here! They know what they are doing."

- J.H., Big Rapids Clinic

"Always a pleasant atmosphere! The staff are great to work with along with entertaining with great personalities! Very helpful and listen to your needs. Super clean facility! I will definitely recommend Evergreen to everyone needing PT. Big thank you to Michelle for all her help."

- C.H. Big Rapids

"This is my 4th time for treatment (4 different injuries) here. The clarity of education, direction and feedback is really great. The serious but friendly environment encourages me to work hard. I have to laugh sometimes when Jessica catches me skipping some reps or sloppy form from across the room! I recommend Evergreen in Big Rapids to everyone. Thanks for all the encouragement and support."

- G.P., Big Rapids Clinic

"Evergreen is amazing! Their staff was helpful and kind. They are very knowledgeable! I would come back again if I needed it. Thank you for helping me heal!"

- R.S., Big Rapids Clinic

"People are friendly, made me feel comfortable and at home. Very courteous."

-A.V., Big Rapids Clinic

"Becky was wonderful - so friendly and always a smile. Jessica was great, so helpful and nice and she worked with me all the time. During my sessions she was a great help. She is a real plus to your facility."

- M.W., Big Rapids Clinic

"The people are all friendly and it was a pleasure to work with any of the staff. The therapy was helpful and has enabled me to regain a good portion of my shoulder's range of motion. I am very appreciative of all the help I have received."

- V.L., Big Rapids Clinic

"The fact that former patients come for 'fun' speaks volumes about the caring atmosphere that exists. Thank you for all you do."

- S.G., Big Rapids Clinic

"I was entirely pleased with the outcome of my therapy. Every one of the staff was kind and friendly."

- S., Harrison Clinic

"Becky was wonderful - so friendly and always a smile. Jessica was great, so helpful and nice and she worked with me all the time. During my sessions she was a great help. She is a real plus to your facility."

- M.W., Big Rapids Clinic

"Amanda was my main therapist but I had the opportunity to work with multiple members of the staff during my time at Evergreen. Every therapist was very polite and it was clear they strive to help their patients."

- J.M., Big Rapids Clinic

"Jennifer was excellent in caring and instructing me to strengthen me and also to get the best movement. Greatly appreciated. Kim also took care of me two time sand I appreciated her taking care of me. Thanks for all the smiles and the 'Hi!' from Jessica, etc. Keep up the excellent work and caring for people."

- F.C., Big Rapids Clinic

"A little over 10 years ago I came to Evergreen after breaking my femur in half because of an unfortunate hockey coaching incident. The physical therapists and athletic trainer that worked with me at Evergreen were amazing! I was up and walking with minimal support from a cane by Christmas.

A decade later, and things are still working great. I've been back playing hockey for about 6 years. I just hit my one year anniversary at a CrossFit gym. Most importantly, I'm able to keep up with my two kids without any issue. I still wear a brace on my right knee when working out, and there are regular reminders of the damage I did. However, without the help of the great team there, I've no doubt I wouldn't be able to do the things I'm doing today.

Thank you for the fantastic work. The attention I received at Evergreen was amazing."

- M., Evergreen PT

"Every therapist made these few months enjoyable. There is a great group of people here. Thank you for all your help!"

-D.P., Big Rapids Clinic

"My experience at rehab was great. The staff are very professional. They work hard at maintaining the goal to get better and because of that we are able to get back to our normal routine and life style. Thanks for all you did for me."

-T.W., Big Rapids Clinic

"Tim and Jan were fantastic to work with! Very friendly and made the therapy fun! I felt 100% better in a short time after working with Tim! I would definitely recommend him to anyone."

- T.J., Evergreen PT

"I have had a very good experience with Evergreen Therapy. I feel confident that they have the patients best interest in mind in doing their best to help them recover to the fullest extent! I would definitely use them again if ever in need."

- L.B., Harrison Clinic

"Tim Axtell is great to work with - knowledgeable and personable. He did a great job helping me pinpoint the issue with my back and identifying how to improve it! Thanks!"

- D.M., Evergreen PT

"Dear Pat,

I have just completed approximately five weeks of physical therapy at the Evergreen Clinic in Clare. From the moment I made my first phone call and had each and every concern addressed by Trisha McMillan as I set up my first appointment to the warm, caring greeting I received from Katie, the receptionist, when I walked in the door, I knew I was in the right place.

Thus, the purpose of this correspondence is to bring to your attention (as if you didn't already know) that Trisha McMillan is an exceptional Director and Therapist. She has the special ability to make each patient feel like he/she is her most important patient. Trisha is very engaged when she interacts with her patients, listening, coaching, explaining, supporting. In addition to those great qualities, Trisha is very competent and knowledgeable making it very easy to develop trust in her plan of care.

Trisha has a variety of roles and she effectively and professionally handles them all. Trisha can transition from cleaning up a spill to consoling a discouraged patient without missing a beat. Trisha is very attentive and even on those occasions when she gets pulled away from her therapist role in order to handle a "Director" situation, she makes sure that it's okay with the patient to briefly step away.

As you can tell, I'm very impressed with Trisha and simply want to let you know what an asset she is to your organization. Initially, I was planning to go to another Physical Therapy Clinic in Mt. Pleasant, but my doctor convinced me that the care and treatment I would receive at Clare's Evergreen would be first rate. He then explained how pleased he has been with the success of the patients he has sent there and how thorough the Clinic's feedback has been. This is a direct reflection on the skills and leadership of Trisha McMillan."

- D.

"My physical therapy has always been top rate at Evergreen. The therapists are knowledgeable and professional. Over time, they develop a routine you can follow at Evergreen or at home. They monitor your progress and encourage you to continue and improve. The business office staff is always courteous and friendly. They greet you with a cheery 'hello' and try very hard to accommodate your scheduling.

This time, for a change, I would like to talk about the mental therapy you receive. When people go to physical therapy they are usually somewhat hurting or in pain. One of the strengths of the Evergreen staff in Big Rapids is their ability to make you feel accepted and at home. Jessica will introduce people to each other and encourage them to converse. Music and trivia questions are good ice-breakers to get people talking. Soon you know a group of people all linked by some surgery or injury but interested in getting to know each other. You become friends and help each other through a difficult time. There is a lot of humor, good natured kidding and laughter going on. This makes the therapy session much easier and they fly by quickly.

Another great perk is the opportunity to come back for 'fun' and continue the routines, as well as, the friendships the total experience, physical therapy and mental therapy, turns out to be a very positive one. I would always go to my therapist again for future care and highly recommend this clinic to other people."

- C.P., Big Rapids

"I'd like to take a minute to talk about the quality care I have received from Evergreen Physical Therapy of Clare. This team of individuals is a remarkable group who first began my experience with a warm greeting, a caring smile, positive attitude and determination to see that I was getting the proper treatment and care. After attending Evergreen for several weeks with Trisha she believed something else was wrong with my shoulder and referred me to a specialist. I appreciated her determinations because I had already been having problems with my shoulder for almost 7 months and had two tests that didn't show anything wrong while working with another Physical Therapist from a different company. There was no progress and I was in a lot of pain. Once I saw the specialist I was scheduled for surgery as she believed I had torn my biceps tendon. I truly appreciated Trisha's dedication and knowledge because without it I would have continued to suffer.

I have since continued to work with Evergreen after my surgery and have had an amazing group of people to work with. Trisha, Katie, Rick, Kalynn and Kate are extraordinary individuals. Each person greets me with a warm welcome and has treated me like close friend or family. I have witnessed their excellent customer service with other clients and seen their true dedication to everyone who walks in the door. Trisha has been extremely flexible and worked around my work schedule. I'm a supervisor with a very busy schedule that is ever changing and involves a lot of time and switches. The team from Evergreen has taken a lot of time to help me and I have appreciated everything they have done for me especially after I had to go back for a second surgery in July for my shoulder. Evergreen Physical Therapy of Clare is a fantastic place to receive services and a place I continue to speak very highly of to others.

As I continue down the journey to healing I know that I'm in the best possible care and receiving phenomenal treatment. A big thanks to Trisha because she truly has gone above and beyond her job. She is a very astonishing person who shows that she genuinely cares about her patients. I'm very thankful to God for placing me here and know that in the end they have done everything they could to help me. This has simply been an incredible experience! Thank you, Evergreen of Clare, for your service and dedication to helping others recover."

- A.K.P., Clare Clinic

"My experience at Evergreen has exceeded all expectations. Last year I had therapy at two different centers in the Detroit area. There are many to choose from and I thought the competition would cause them to strive to be the best. However, Evergreen was superior in all these areas."

- M.T., Clare Clinic

"The therapy I received for my right knee helped the pain so much that I was able to avoid surgery. Jill was very attentive to my needs and I felt I was given the care needed."

- M.R., Big Rapids Clinic

"All members of the staff were outstanding! They went beyond my expectations."

- R.W., Big Rapids Clinic

"Jessica Morgan and her team of physical therapists and athletic trainer are a huge asset to the Big Rapids area. At Evergreen PT they develop a comprehensive program for their patients leading to a quicker recovery from a smiling therapist. My patients rave about their care at Evergreen PT and I truly believe my patients are healing faster under their care. I will continue to emphasize that Evergreen is the place I want my patients to have their physical therapy."

- J.M., Evergreen PT

"Let me start by saying the staff of Evergreen Physical Therapy is all very caring & considerate!!! After many years of being in pain & giving up on several Doctors, I found relief by becoming a patient of Evergreen Physical Therapy.

From the first visit to the last, I knew I was finally in the right place with the right qualified people. What I feel is great about the staff at Evergreen Physical Therapy, they truly are a team. All of the staff goes the extra mile to make the difficult time you?re having a more pleasant experience.

I have 2 reasons for this letter! First, is the much-deserved recognition to all the Evergreen Physical Therapy staff. Second, is to inspire patients. I had both good & bad days with my pain - but, just when I thought it was bad & I couldn't do any more-there was the Evergreen Physical Therapy staff! The staff always encourages me to go 1-step further! After a few times of that, I then realized the staff is there for each one of us to move forward! The patients (you) are truly the ones who benefit from the knowledge, experience and know how.

So, just remember the Evergreen Physical Therapy team is on your side & they want you to achieve your goal!

An extremely pleased patient!"

- J.S., Harrison Clinic

"Being a patient after surgery the second time around, I can truly say the best place for therapy is at Evergreen Physical Therapy in Harrison. The staff at Evergreen Physical Therapy, show such compassion and encouragement with their patients, that you want to improve. They get to know you as a person.

The staff at Evergreen Physical Therapy has a very positive attitude with every patient that walks thru the door. The sincere interest they have in you encourages you to set goals for yourself and achieve them.

Evergreen Physical Therapy is managed in an excellent way with much professionalism. I can't say enough positive things. It's a great facility with excellent staff. I would highly recommend Evergreen Physical Therapy to everyone."

- A.B., Harrison Clinic

"I have been a patient of Evergreen Physical Therapy facility in Harrison (MI) on several occasions for extended periods of time. My experiences working with the staff have all been positive and I have recovered from multiple injuries in less time and with greater confidence than I would have on my own.

Knee injury? No problem. They'll have you back on your feet in no time. Shoulder surgery-twice. No problem. If you work the exercises they?ll have you back enjoying your life real soon.

OK, work is required to regain the use of injured body parts. There is no way to recuperate without working through the pain. You will need to bring your dedication and determination. However, my experiences allows me to state, without exception, that the Evergreen Physical Therapy staff will be with you and support you with every step, for every stretch, during every exercise for the duration for your recovery.

The Evergreen Physical Therapy staff makes the process interesting and challenging, sometimes fun. All of the "Evergreen Physical Therapy" staff is well-trained, personable, knowledgeable and enthusiastic during each appointment, no matter the patient's age or disability. Even during the dead of winter, it feels like family.

Through the Evergreen Physical Therapy staff in Harrison, I have met the staff at all the Evergreen Physical Therapy locations in Midland, Gladwin, Clare and Big Rapids and the professionalism must be standard-issue. Expect a high level of commitment and dedication to working effectively with your particular needs."

- M.H., Harrison Clinic