Sports Medicine


All athletes share common characteristics; they have aggressive goals and demand fast, quality and professional service from those who understand them. In sports, the athlete?s body is the most important piece of equipment. At Evergreen Physical Therapy, we work to restore total body functional ability, elimination of pain to allow rehabilitation, injury prevention and finally performance enhancement.

At Evergreen we promise a thorough examination, aggressive timelines, complete return to play programming and the highest quality physical therapy available. Our clinicians are experts in most sports, which will allow us to design specific return to sport training program prior to returning to competition. An athlete will have confidence that their injury is rehabilitated before returning to the game.

We combine physical assessment, video analysis, manual physical therapy, functional strengthening, sport and position-specific exercise, modalities for pain and inflammation control, and functional testing before return to competition. Our clinicians have many years of experience with junior high, high school, college, professional, elite competitive and recreational athletes. We also maintain communication with local coaches, athletic trainers, team doctors, parents and scouts to allow full rehabilitation of a sports injury.

For athletes, the stakes are high. If you or your athlete have been injured, shouldn’t you trust your most important piece of equipment, your body, to the experts?

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