Here at Evergreen Physical Therapy your recovery is our mission. It’s as simple as that! We have committed our careers to offering the most effective and efficient path to your recovery. Our clinicians are dedicated lifelong learners sharing new knowledge and skills with each other. This culture of clinical continuing education and teamwork provide the foundation of our company and your recovery.

Here you will also experience:

  • Open friendly environment
  • Insurance verification (no hidden fees)
  • Flexible scheduling with early morning and after work availability
  • Initial appointments offered within 24-48 hours
  • Easy access and parking
  • Highly trained and experienced staff

Mission: Evergreen Physical Therapy is dedicated to providing quality personalized rehabilitation services, self care and wellness to the general population as well as specific individualized care in the areas of sports medicine, occupational injuries and prevention, pre and post orthopedic surgical care.

Vision: Evergreen Physical Therapy will offer patients the most optimal combination of rehab care and self care available in the community and will be the provider of choice by medical care professionals.


A little over 10 years ago I came to Evergreen after breaking my femur in half because of an unfortunate hockey coaching incident. The physical therapists and athletic trainer that worked with me at Evergreen were amazing! I was up and walking with minimal support from a cane by Christmas. 

A decade later, and things are still working great. I’ve been back playing hockey for about 6 years. I just hit my one year anniversary at a CrossFit gym. Most importantly, I’m able to keep up with my two kids without any issue. I still wear a brace on my right knee when working out, and there are regular reminders of the damage I did. However, without the help of the great team there, I’ve no doubt I wouldn’t be able to do the things I’m doing today.

Thank you for the fantastic work. The attention I received at Evergreen was amazing. 

– Matt